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EC Environmental and Social management plan



Public consultations on Environmental and Social management plan (ESMP) of the Engineering city “Land improvement and infrastructure construction" subproject's 

EC Design Ideas Competition


Design ideas for the Engineering city main entrance platform and the park planned on the second floor of the parking lot


The Enterprise Incubator Foundation announces a competition for design ideas for a platform adjacent to the main entrance of the Engineering City and a park planned on the second floor of the parking lot.


CyHub Armenia is the main cybersecurity hub in Armenia, a joint initiative of IBM, CISCO, National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA), Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute (YCRDI), Armenian Government, the World Bank and Enterprise Incubator Foundation.


Cyhub Armenia aims to increase the competitiveness of Armenian economy by creating innovative solutions specialized in cybersecurity, as well as by facilitating the skills development for preparation of qualified specialists. The initiative also aims at increasing the cybersecurity level in Armenia by establishing a cybersecurity demonstration & advanced research lab for detecting, solving and preventing cybersecurity issues in the country.




The objectives of the project are:

  • ·        Preparing quality workforce specialized in cybersecurity and relevant technologies;
  • ·        Supporting and promoting the creation of competitive start-ups in the fields of cybersecurity and delivering incubation/acceleration programs for them (business and technological consultancy, mentoring, assistance in pursuing funding, etc.);
  • ·        Enhancing the academic programs and curricula of the universities to close the academia-industry gap;
  • ·        Enriching high-tech infrastructure through establishment of a cybersecurity demonstration laboratory and advanced research lab;
  • ·        Enhancing public awareness of Armenia’s population on the privacy and security issues in cyberspace


Within the project, the following activities will be implemented:

  • ·        In the scope of the initiative, following major activities are planned:
  •      Equipping and furnishing all venues (labs and co-working)
  • ·        Deploying necessary hardware and systems for creating a forensic and advanced research lab;
  • ·        Deploying necessary hardware and software tools for demo lab establishment;
  • ·        Updating the academic curricula of NPUA department of Information Security and YSU
  • ·        Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics;
  • ·        Conducting professional Trainings, Training of Trainers and other capacity building initiatives;
  • ·        Running incubation and acceleration program for cybersecurity startups;
  • ·        Conducting research projects, in cooperation with private partners;
  • ·        Consulting specialists and companies to use labs, equipment and up to date technology;
  • ·        Organizing hackathons, networking events, pitching competitions, venture forums etc.;
  • ·        Increasing awareness on cybersecurity among public.

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