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We're excited to launch the global call for the Science Incubation Program 2024, implemented by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) with support of the PMI Science R&D Center Armenia. The program aims to support research groups, companies, and institutions worldwide in developing disruptive ideas and highly applied research. It fosters collaborations between industry and academia, facilitating the commercialization of science and research output valorization.

In-House Artists - Black Box Hub


Calling Armenia-based visionary artists! Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) is looking for talented in-house artists for its Black Box Hub initiative implemented by Gyumri Technology Center (GTC) and powered by Artbox, Funded by the European Union in Armenia in the framework of the Katapult Creative Accelerator Program. This unique opportunity aims to bring aboard creative minds who will play a key role in shaping our special community.

Startup Ecosystem


Along with other activites, EIF also provides different types of financial support to startups in various stages.



Here you can get acquainted with the startups that have received IMG & STEP Grants from EIF in the scope of the "Support to SME Development in Armenia" (EU-SMEDA) project, which is co-funded by EU and implemented by GIZ Program. 



Breedge is an online platform that helps SMEs and startups hiring in niche and emerging fields to find and invest in the right student talent.

The web platform helps companies find the best candidates straight out of college for their junior/internship/entry-level positions.

Breedge uses Machine Learning technology to analyze the data from both the students and companies and recommend the best matches.

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Chessify is a chess platform that revolutionizes chess community experience, by applying state-of-the-art Deep Learning solutions. The startup offers services for both professional and amateur players.

Chessify’s cloud service dramatically increases professional chess training productivity and saves 30% of overall training time. The main advantages of the product are the following: dedicated cloud Servers; integration with different chess platforms; availability on mobile (Android/iOS).

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One-Click  Key  is a 3 in 1 Login and  password manager device, where the user doesn’t have to enter logins and passwords to get access to personal accounts. It can be done by simply sticking the device into USB port  of  the  computer. This will allow to automatically login to the computer or any system where  the user has an account without  entering  logins or passwords.  In case of plugging  out  the device from the USB  port,  the user will automatically log out from the system.


Cyber Mantis Games

has developed “The Last Daredevil” video game, inspired by the Armenian legend of David of Sassoun. The game takes the ancient hero and places him in an unexpected cyberpunk setting, making him explore his identity by traveling through dual worlds. Its progression is done through story and combat. The genre of the game is hack’n’slash. Cyber Mantis Games has received STEP grant in November 2018.

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WiseLogger is a flexible, configurable, and user-friendly turn-key solution, developed by DataLogger, a Yerevan-based company, specialized in smart machines and Data acquisition, control systems. 


WiseLogger’s data loggers can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as industrial manufacturing and automation, remote monitoring, automotive industry, data collection, pharmaceutical manufacturing and research.

The solution is very much user-friendly and does not require knowledge of any programming languages to be able to use it with different sensors and actuators.




D'efekt is community powered content creation platform.

D’efekt is an innovative app that allows the user to create unique videos and photos with movement reacting effects. The app enables anyone to become an artist.




The solution developed by EasyDMARC, prevents hackers’ attacks via email. The company targets SMEs that send more than 10 000 emails a month using various electronic means.

EasyDMARC is special with its smart notification system, which allows customers to modify the system of their electronic conversations making it safer without risks.

The company plans to increase the coverage of their services for 20 times over a year and improve the integration system.



Embry is an elegant and highly innovative tech solution for weight loss. It is the only activity tracker in the market with a built-in smart scale.

Embry combines features of activity tracker and smart scale, as well as features of virtual coach and network of nutritionists and trainers, all in one tiny wearable device. With all that, Embry becomes the most affordable all in one tool for weight loss.

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is a multi-channel eCommerce inventory management platform for modern online retailers. The platform is integrated with different marketplaces, eCommerce shops, accounting systems and shipping couriers. The startup has received Innovation Matching Grant (IMG) in 2018.

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Robin the Robot, developed by Expper Technologies is a business assistant robot powered by Machine Learning. It allows providing personalized customer service and supporting real-time conversations with the customers.

The startup team is adding unique behaviors to the robot, in order to create emotional connection between customer and Robin.



Forest Guard

is a smart IOT sensor system which detects illegal logging, wildfire, illegal transport access and sends the coordinates on the map.

The startup uses LoRa technology and has developed a unique FFT algorithm, which helps the sensor system save electricity and send the signals very fast. The startup received STEP grant in November 2018.

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is a platform for community-driven story writing, which aims at bringing the process of writing from individuals to community.

The whole content created on the platform, which in future will include comics, screenplays, video game scripts and digital art in addition to books, is generated through community voting on each step of its creation. The startup received STEP grant in November 2018. 

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The FPGA-Accelerated Time-Series (Key-Value) Database, developed by Grovf, is a dedicated device for storing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensors generated metrics.

The hardware database prototype drastically reduces the number of servers, simplifying the data center and reducing power consumption.

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Himnark is an affordable, cloud based HR & Payroll solution for Armenian SME’s.

The platform is equipped with an employee self-service application allowing employees to get access to their salary calculation, see available vacation days, apply for vacations and in general make communication between HR & Accounting and employees seamless, effective and convenient.

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Illuria security 

A system, developed by illuria security, enables organizations to protect their technical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

The system can track the hackers’ steps without leaving traces. It’s possible to install hundreds of traps within seconds, using insignificant resource

The startup targets all the organizations that attach importance to security and possess a number of devices that need protection from attacks.

Keveyan Innovations

Cow.Net is a device, which is intended to serve agricultural industry by increasing the efficiency of farms. By connecting cows to the Internet, it will be possible to monitor their health, reveal symptoms and avoid further complications of health problems. The device will track the body temperature, heart work, oxygen level in blood, calorie level and other significant indicators of cows’ health. will help to manage cows and optimize farms, thus decreasing the amount of physical labor and costs.


Lift Up

Lift Up startup is creating devices for wheelchair that will help the user lift up and down the stairs without anybody’s help.

The device created by Lift Up, is mechanical, light and easy to use. It can be used for any types of wheelchair, even for baby stroller. In addition, the device can be used on spot when reaching the stairs by the user himself.

The startup team is planning to represent final tested devices in nearest future. The testing process will last about 1 year to be sure that the devices are safe, strong and can be used for long time.

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Lift Up


Light Tech

startup offers innovative self-luminescent maintenance-free and energy independent signs made with unique technology, which accumulates light throughout the day from any source, and starts to glow brightly in the darkness. The startup received STEP grant in November 2018.

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Light Tech



The project is devoted to presentation to the market of device for measuring of circular dichroism (CD) of biological objects.

The solution is intended for teaching and laboratory works in higher educational institutions. Circular dichroism is an important parameter, characterizing optically active medium. Purely technical difficulties in CD measuring have been overcome only recently, so CD method can be considered as new.



OnYourWay is an online platform where users can post the products they would like to buy from abroad and get them delivered by travelers coming to their cities.

The startup represents a cheap and fast way to buy some favourite products from abroad with the help of travelers. As a result, the traveler earns extra money to cover travel costs and meet locals. At the same time, the buyer gets its favourite products quickly and cheaply.



is an affordable and user-friendly educational trainer kit, which helps STEM educational institutions to increase students’ engagement and drive productivity through fascinating hands-on experiments.

It is the first add-on module design based on a Raspberry PI platform enabling thematic researches for STEM disciplines. It is based on a simple computer “PI Zero”, which makes PinoKIT an affordable tool for practical learning.

The unique combination of hardware and software automation and step-by-step curriculum (all-in-one architecture) make the startup’s kits powerful studying tools for STEM-oriented students.



represents a state-of-the-art online photo editor with a unique image-cutting feature. It allows instantly remove a background from any photo, make it transparent, add different colors and filters, or change the background with another photo.

The mobile app has over 500k monthly active users and is available on Web, iOS and Android devices. Pixomatic received Innovation Matching Grant (IMG) in 2017.

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RendChain is a decentralized network for sharing and leveraging large amounts of computing power.

RendChain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that aims to let people contribute their computational power (personal computers, laptops, tablets) to a system that would rent them to businesses that need it.





RioSys is providing low-cost remote input and output system series module for measurement and control.

RIOsys modules are designed in such a way, that it could be applicable to almost any low-cost re-programmable controller.

The modules are based on high-quality data acquisition elements. Their performance is practically comparable to industrial grade modules existing in the market. The startup also provide software API, so the users can use it in their own projects and research activities.

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is a risk management toolkit specialized in market risk management with some coverage of operational risk utilizing big data and machine learning technologies. The startup received grant from STEP program in 2017.

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is a technology startup located in Sisian, specialized in CNC machine engineering and production. The startup with its CNC Machine Line solution has received grant from STEP program in 2017.

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Smart Electronics

With the help of the STEP grant, Smart Electronics team is developing the modern design of the lock and is planning to make at least 5 samples required for marketing work.

The startup is planning to complete manufacturing work soon and to start carrying out active marketing work to determine the possibility of entering the markets of Europe and America.


Smart Electronics



is a solution, created by Soraytec. It is the first in line meter for medium voltage levels, that is capable of measuring voltages of up to 24 kV and currents of up to 1000A, all in one device.The startup received Innovation Matching Grant (IMG) in 2018.

Read more: is a modern collaborative AI powered all-in-one recruiting platform, that utilizes AI to screen candidates, match candidate CV with job and company requirements, optimize vacancy placement and distribution channels – all aimed at increasing the quality of hire and time to fill, which are the most important KPIs in modern recruiting.

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The platform serves for creating own AR samples and use them both for fun and for professional purposes. The creation process doesn't require any technical skill, it is as easy as making a post in any social platform.

ARize is also a platform for 3D modelers and 2D animators to showcase their art in a new, innovative and easily accessible way. ARize mobile app is available for iOS and Android 


is a smart wallet with 5 smart functions: Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot, Thief Detection Camera.

The uniqueness of the product is not only the electronic processor packed in a slim and elegant wallet, but also the idea to combine several features that customers need in something that they already use in their daily life that is the wallet. The startup has received Innovation Matching Grant (IMG) in 2017. 

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Wirestock provides creators one-door access to the largest stock content marketplaces, as well as automates all of the required submission steps.

In addition, the copyright information about each item managed through Wirestock gets registered on a blockchain-based copyright registry making the process of proving ownership much easier.


XCloud Networks

fully automates the deployment and management of network infrastructure, enabling companies to own their network stack: be vendor-agnostic, reduce CapEx (capital expenditure), increase stability.

With XCloud, companies build a CapEx efficient and vendor-agnostic infrastructure, grow their network whenever they need, automate operations, avoid human errors and wait time, 10x team productivity and reduce OpEx.

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360 Stories is a platform that uses engaging 360-degree footage to sell one-day tours and attractions online.  

The 360 Stories project is aimed to develop a solution for local travel operators to present Armenia (and eventually scaled to other cities) on international trade.




Here you can get acquainted with the startups that have received financial support from EIF in the scope of the Matching Grants Program, in partnership with the World Bank and the Government of Armenia.

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