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NVIDIA “Fundamentals of Deep Learning” workshop



NVIDIA DLI and the “Data Science for Business” master’s program of YSU, in partnership with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) and Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), are inviting to participate in the “Fundamentals of Deep Learning” hands-on workshop.

Regional Matching Grants Competiotion



Enterprise Incubator Foundation announces NEW CALL for the Regional Matching Grants competition, in the scope of the "Matching Grants" Program implemented with the assistance of the RA Government, RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry and the World Bank.

EC Design Ideas Competition




Design ideas for the Engineering city main entrance platform and the park planned on the second floor of the parking lot


The Enterprise Incubator Foundation announces a competition for design ideas for a Platform adjacent to the main entrance of the Engineering City and a Park planned on the second floor of the parking lot.


The aim of the competition is to gather architectural solutions for the platform adjacent to the main entrance of the Engineering City (hereinafter referred to as the platform) and interesting and innovative design ideas and approaches for the park planned to be built on the second floor of the parking lot (hereinafter referred to as the park).       


Terms of participation

The competition is open to individuals - students, individual architects and groups, as well as legal entities - architectural design organizations.


The competition is held in one round. After the end of the application period, the Committee will evaluate the projects, as a result of which the prize will be awarded to the participant with the maximum points.


The Competition Committee will include IT and High-Tech industry representatives (2 representatives) and architects (3 representatives).


Note: Architects included in the Committee  and/or individuals, teams and organizations affiliated with them can not participate in the competition.


Provisions of the competition

The platform and the park will be located in the vicinity of the Engineering City under construction between Moldovakan Street and Garni Road /Bagrevand Street/ and the nearby area. The platform will occupy an area of 1300 sq.m., and the park will occupy an area of 3920 sq.m.


Concept designs should be in line with the overall idea of the Master plan of the Engineering City.



Application for participation

Design projects must be submitted before 22 July, 2021:

  • in closed envelope, to the EIF office at the Engineering City, 21/1 Bagrevand Street,


Electronic project files can be submitted with an electronic carrier (if submitted in an envelope), as an attachment to a letter or with a cloud platform link, up to a maximum of 28 MB in PDF format, as well as a maximum of 2 MB in JPG format, with an electronic carrier.


In order to present to the Competition Committee, the Engineering City partners and beneficiaries in an exhibition format:

  • Participants from Armenia must also submit copies of 800mm * 1000mm printed designs for each zone, mounted on two separate boards. 
  • Foreign participants’ works will be printed out by the organizer of the competition.

Together with the project (in an envelope or by e-mail) it is necessary to present the names of the project’s author, authors, and all those who participated in the development of the project and envisage the prize share.

If the projects submitted to the competition have more than one author, the contribution share of each should be indicated beside the name, as a percentage.




One prize is provided for the winning concept project of the platform  and the park in amount of  500.000 AMD (including taxes and other mandatory payments).



Note: The winning project will be considered the property of EIF and the Foundation can use it entirely or partially for further design and development of the mentioned area, without involving the winner of the competition in the design works. Regardless of the results of the competition, the organizers have the right to contract both participating and non-participating architectural groups, individuals or organizations for the final design package.




In case of additional questions please contact:

Tel.: +374 11 219797; e-mail: [email protected]

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