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“Data Science for Business” master’s program


NVIDIA DLI and the “Data Science for Business” master’s program of YSU, in partnership with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) and Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), are inviting to participate in the “Fundamentals of Deep Learning” hands-on online workshops, which will take place on July 6-17 exclusively for verifiable academic students, staff, and researchers. Workshops will be led by the certified NVIDIA DLI Ambassadors in Armenia.

PHOTO CONTEST “Covid-19 in Armenia”

Announcement /updated/

Photo contest under the headline of “Covid-19 in Armenia”


Enterprise incubator Foundation announces a photo contest under the headline of “Covid-19 in Armenia”.

Pupils of Kapan will also Learn How to Create Games with Kodu


Pupils of Kapan will also Learn How to Create Games with Kodu Visual Programming Language 


The Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), together with CRONIMET Charity Foundation, has initiated “Technology School Program” for puplis of Kapan in the age of 10-16, within the scope of which trainings on creating games with Kodu programming language will be organized for pupils. Under the said Program, team work and business presentation skills will be developed. During trainings, pupils will be divided into groups that will jointly work on the projects. In the end of trainings, pupils will present the games that they have created.

The training for creating of games means teaching of graphical elements in Microsoft KoDu environment and involves all the main concepts of programming. The training course involves also practical work to help to get use of corresponding theoretical knowledge. The trainings will be conducted in Kapan Mlab.

We would also like to note that starting from May, the Enterprize Incubator Foundation has been conducting similar trainings in Gyumry and Vanadzor, during which around 625 pupils passed training on creating games by KoDu visual programming language. 

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