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EC Environmental and Social management plan



Public consultations on Environmental and Social management plan (ESMP) of the Engineering city “Land improvement and infrastructure construction" subproject's 

EC Design Ideas Competition


Design ideas for the Engineering city main entrance platform and the park planned on the second floor of the parking lot


The Enterprise Incubator Foundation announces a competition for design ideas for a platform adjacent to the main entrance of the Engineering City and a park planned on the second floor of the parking lot.

PMI Incubation 2020




Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), with the support of PMI Science, is excited to announce the launch of Incubation Program in three directions: Biomimicry, Software tools, Sensorial Engineering. The Program aims to encourage and support teams and companies that are working on bio-inspired solutions, software novelties, engineering interpretation of different processes.


During the Pre-Incubation phase, which will take place in December 2020, the teams will get an opportunity to take part in workshops, work with mentors and domain experts, gain knowledge and experience to enhance and refine their concept ideas. At the end of the year upon the results of a pitching event, successful teams will be selected to proceed to the next stage of incubation and start working on the prototype/PoC (Proof of Concept) for their ideas. Teams with the best concepts have a chance to receive financing to make their ideas a reality.


Teams are welcome to submit ideas related, but not limited to the following challenges:



Software tools

Sensorial Engineering

  • Development of smart durable materials
  • Generation of low temperature aerosol​
  • Development of new energy storage solutions​
  • Drug delivery systems (e.g. encapsulation, transportation, bio ceramics, smart release) ​
  • Lightweight, strong composite material development​
  • Temperature/humidity/UV/EM resistive material​
  • EM wave / light absorbing material​
  • Smart search engine and algorithms development
  • Development of analytical algorithms
  • Development of decision tree tools​
  • Knowledge organization, management, and collaboration tools development
  • Contract automation and stream management tools (could have blockchain solution)
  • Communication tools development with confidential content management feature
  • Brain stimulation through visual, sound, smell, taste, and tactile sensory triggers
  • Development of all-in-one multifunctional sensors​
  • Architecture of new sensory concepts
  • Artificial synthesis of single/multiple senses
  • Quantitative and qualitative math modelling of sensory experiences
  • Math modelling of the biological process of smelling and tasting


Who can apply?

Teams of researchers and high-tech professionals from the universities, scientific institutes, and high-tech companies of Armenia.

The recommended teams would consist of 3-4 members, with strong background and capacities to ideate and design a project in one of the directions of the program. The desired background of the team members is in (but not limited to): Mathematics, Chemistry, Material Science, Biology, Engineering, Innovation and Technology Management, Physics etc. Teams can include both employees and students, who are ready to dedicate time for their project. Scientific degrees and experience in doing research projects will be an asset. Team leader is the focal point of communication.



During the Pre-Incubation phase, all teams will get the required resources including space, lab equipment, materials, and expertise to finalize their idea concept and check its feasibility before the Pitching event. As a result of pre-incubation, teams are expected to have idea validation and full project description (research project plan, prototype development plan and/or software tool architecture) ready for the next stage.


How to apply?

Interested teams should fill in the Online Application Form and include links presenting:

  • Idea Concept (problem, solution, relevance, novelty, methodology, impact etc.)
  • Team (CV, video, poster, portfolio, publications etc.)

Teams have flexibility to decide the format of the required documents.

Creativity and out-of-box thinking are encouraged.


All documents in the application package should be submitted in English.


The deadline for submitting the applications is December 9, 2020, 23:59 (Yerevan time).


Note: Please be informed that in order to fill in the Application form you need to have a Google account.


Please make sure you have read the Privacy Notice before applying.


In case of additional questions:

Contact person: Arpine Davtyan

Tel.: +374 11 219797; e-mail: [email protected]

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