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Digital Marketing Strategist


Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) is hiring a Digital Marketing Strategist for establishing and leading the company’s digital marketing activities. Full-time or part-time options can be discussed. 

All interested candidates are welcome to send their CV and portfolio to [email protected] by 20 June, 2023, mentioning “Lead Graphic Designer” in the subject line.

Artsakh Information Technologies Center openes in Stepanakert


Artsakh Information Technologies Center openes in Stepanakert

On April 9, the official opening ceremony of the Artsakh Information Technologies Centre was held, which was attended by the President of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. The Centre was established by the Government of Artsakh Republic with the support of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation.


The purpose of the Centre is to promote and support the development and prosperity of the economy of Artsakh, identifying and supporting technological start-ups and operating companies, which will provide jobs for highly qualified specialists and will prepare competitive workers in the region.

The Government of Artsakh Republic has initiated the economic development long-term strategic plan, which aims to promote the rapid development of knowledge-based economy in Artsakh and to establish a high-tech center, which will become a catalyst for achieving well-being both in the country and the region. Combination of technologies, education and entrepreneurship is the key to achieving prosperity in the region. Artsakh Information Technologies Center will be one of catalysts for transformation of regional and national economy.To achieve this goal, the Center will create and implement mechanisms for increasing the added value generated by the private sector of ICT sphere.

Strategic goals:

  • Preparation of competitive workforce
  • Creation of business environment
  • Development of effective mechanisms for attracting foreign direct investments
  • Creation of a favorable business environment, to attract the transnational organizations to Artsakh

The main functions of the Artsakh Information Technologies Center will be

  • Reveal of innovative ideas, which have global and commercial potential for Artsakh
  • Transformation of US, European and other international technologies to Artsakh for the establishment of the new joint companies
  • Training of entrepreneurs for starting international level business in  technological areas
  • Establishment of centers for commercialization of technologies for the main sectors such as engineering, manufacturing, etc
  • Linkages with international capital and knowledge networks
  • Arrangements with international companies and members of the Artsakh Information Technologies Center to be involved in business.The arrangements may become exchange agreements for international business and technologies in the future
  • Transfer knowledge about methodology of commercialization of technologies  and  entrepreneurship skills to local entrepreneurs and partners to ensure stability in the region after completion of the project

These goals will increase investment opportunities to Artsakh, contribute to the development of technology business in Artsakh, competitiveness in regional and global markets. Technological Center will also cooperate with the Universities of Artsakh.

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