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The launch of accepting applications   from engineering and high-tech companies for Resident status of the Engineering City (hereinafter EC) project is announced.


As a result of the Engineering City project it is expected to create a new-format ecosystem where IT and high-tech companies will have an opportunity to develop and implement innovative ideas for the local and international markets, with the use of modern infrastructure.

Acceleration Program: Empowering Females through Capacity Building



IFC, a member of the World Bank Group in partnership with the UK Government’s Good Governance Fund is implementing the Armenia Economic Growth and Economic Empowerment of Women project. This project aims to improve the economic impact of female entrepreneurs through capacity building and helping to access global business networks.


Within the Empowering Females through Capacity Building to promote technology in non-technology sectors program we launch the Acceleration program in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor

R&D Ecosystem



Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), with support of PMI Science, is implementing extensive R&D ecosystem development programs since 2018. Support programs for the research institutes and universities of Armenia play an important role in the scientific progress in the number of contemporary fields including Applied Mathematics and Physics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Material Science etc.


The Faculty Research Funding Program and PhD Support Program are the flagship initiatives, which create valuable community of scientists and shape science in Armenia. Since the first announcement, there are already over 100 scientists representing 16 different research institutions and universities who benefited from the programs.


In frame of the programs, the winning research teams and PhD students receive financial support as well as get an opportunity to participate in the exclusive community events, closely work with local and international mentors and experts in the field.


Below you can find the research projects implemented in frames of Faculty Research Funding Program and PhD Support program:




Yerevan State University 

  • Elastic and optical properties of solid nematics based waveplates.

          Rafik Hakobyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Microwave magnetic field interaction with biological tissue. 

          Arsen Hakhoumian, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Super sensitive sensor based on new generation liquid crystal polymer.

          Hakob Margaryan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Towards more robust semi-supervised learning algorithms.

          Hrant Khachatryan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Large scale simulation of several gas adsorptions by quantum chemistry and machine learning.

          Hayk Zakaryan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • A new method for synthesizing conjugated conducting polymers and study of conductivities.

          Naghash Miraqyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Synthesis, characterization and fabrication of ZnO based gas sensor devices for electronics and lab-on-a-chip applications.

          Mkrtich Yeranosyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Role and influence of organic acids on the activity and interaction of Escherichia coli membrane bound enzymes during fermentation. 

          Karen Trchounian, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018

  • Electromagnetic wave absorbers in microwave and infrared regions.

          Khachatur Nerkararyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018

  • Revealing interaction between membrane-bound proteins in Escherichia coli and its application in molecular hydrogen production industrial technology. 

          Heghine Gevorgyan, PhD Support Program 2019

  • Synthesis and studying of new conducting polymer-nano composite materials.

          Naghash Miraqyan, PhD Support Program 2019

  • Evaluating effectiveness of the Dilijan National Park to protect species diversity.

          Meri Arzumanyan, PhD Support Program 2018

  • Controlling for optical and high-frequency electromagnetic waves by using structures with cylindrical and spherical symmetry.

          Henrik Parsamyan, PhD Support Program 2018





National Polytechnic University of Armenia

  • Development of New Structures and Methods of Design of Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Control Systems for Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

          Oleg Gasparyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Modelling and optimization of the multiparametric problems in electrical engineering.

          Armine Avetisyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Fabrication and investigation of ferroelectrics based memristors.

          Harutyun Dashtoyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Research of the rolling process of the low thickness porous metal sheets, development of their manufacturing technologies and testing.

          Hrayr Albert Galoyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Improvement of the asynchronous electrical drive system with the percussive application of a load.

         Tigran Hakobyan, PhD Support Program 2018

  • The influence of the tailings of mining enterprises on environment.

          Tatevik Baghdasaryan, PhD Support Program 2018





Russian-Armenian University

  • Green Silver Nanoparticles: Testing Strategies to Establish the Safe Commercial Use. 

          Ashkhen Hovhannisyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Synthesis of micro-porous matrices based on inorganic composite compounds with various pore sizes and study of their physical characteristics.

          Vladimir Gevorgyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • In silico screening for potential targets for antimalarial drug artemisinin and its derivatives.

          Siranuysh Ginosyan, PhD Support Program 2019

  • In silico screening for potential quorum sensing inhibitors that make the antibiotic resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa vulnerable for human immune system.

          Narek Abelyan, PhD Support Program 2019

  • Efficient coordination in deep multi-agent reinforcement learning. 

         Mikayel Samvelyan, PhD Support Program 2018

  • Prediction of complex disease development using machine learning algorithms.

         Maria Nikoghosyan, PhD Support Program 2018





Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems NAS RA

  • Pattern Search And Recognition in Sequential Data.

         Haykaz Danoyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Machine Learning to tackle weather and air pollution using datasets of satellite imagery and digital models.

         Hrachya Astsatryan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Private transactions on blockchain applications and advances in electronic voting.

         Tigran Mamikonyan, PhD Support Program 2019





Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA

  • Development of new cytostatic inhibiting colchicine binding site.

         Harutyun Sahakyan, PhD Support Program 2019

  • Tracking reactive oxygen and nitrogen species by FTIR spectroscopy and low-temperature approach.

         Tigran Kurtikyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018

  • Genetic evidence of the late Pleistocene climate change of Artsakh, South Caucasus.

         Maria Antonosyan, PhD Support Program 2018





Scientific Technological Centre of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry NAS RA

  • New rearrangement as a novel and an efficient method for the synthesis of potentially biologically active 1-oxo-2,7-naphthyridines.

         Samvel Sirakanyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Synthesis and study the sorption properties of composites based on silicone elastomer.

         Mari Atabekyan, PhD Support Program 2019

  • Investigation of Hepatoprotective effects of the active components obtained from S.marianum and H.rubicundum plants growing in Armenia in toxic liver cirrhosis. 

         Lilit Arshakyan, PhD Support Program 2018, 2019




Alikhanyan National Sciance Laboratoty (Yerevan Physics Institute)

  • Tunable Optical Devices Based on Chiral Photonic Liquid Crystals and Metamaterial Based Photonic Crystals.

         Ashot Gevorgyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018

  • The experimental data and Monte Carlo based performance studies for Aerogel Ring-Imaging Cherenkov (ARICH) detector designed for the Belle II experiment at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan.

         Gevorg Karyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018





Scientific and Production Center Armbiotechnology NAS RA

  • Bacterial melanin as a potential therapy for neurodegeneration.

         Anichka Hovsepyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Isolation of Biologically Active Compounds from Secondary Waste of Medicinal Oils Production and Study of their Biological Activities. 

         Hayk Petrosyan, PhD Support Program 2019





Institute of Mathematics NAS RA

  • Mathematical Modelling of Pyrolysis and Determination of Kinetic Parameters.

         Ani Barseghyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Mathematical Modelling of Induction Heating.

         Norayr Yengibaryan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018






Institute of Chemical Physics NAS RA

  • Refractory high entropy alloys for high-temperature application.

         Suren Kharatyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019

  • Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of MO-Cu pseudoalloys and subsequent consolidation.

         Hasmik Kirakosyan, PhD Support Program 2018




Yerevan State Medical University

  • Machine learning based multimodal strategy for induction of neuroblast migration and integration into functional circuits of peri-infarct zone.

         Senik Matinyan, PhD Support Program 2018





American University of Armenia

  • Prediction of socio-economic indicators & analysis of dynamic structure of job market using scraped job postings.

         Hrant Davtyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019





Institute of Genetic and Inorganic Chemistry NAS RA

  • Research of the thermal properties of the organic composites.

         Julia Yeganyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019





Institute of Mechanics NAS RA

  • Waves in Periodically Arranged Piezoactive Structures.

         Karen Ghazaryan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2019




Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics NAS RA

  • Investigations of refractive index profiles and corresponding material implementations used to achieve the cloaking effect.

         Mher Davtyan, PhD Support Program 2019





IcraNET-Yerevan Center

  • Probing the Physics of Blazars Through Extensive Data Analysis.

         Narek Sahakyan, Faculty Research Funding Program 2018






Note: In case of Faculty Research Funding program only the name of team leader is mentioned.

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