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Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) is seeking for an Administrative Assistant with a high sense of responsibility to ensure efficient operational interactions of the office.



The deadline for application is February 15, 2023, 23:59 (Yerevan time).





We are excited to announce the launch of an international call for the Science Incubation Program implemented by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), with the support of PMI Science R&D Center Armenia. 

The Program aims to support scientists, companies, and research institutions from all over the world to come up with disruptive ideas, hypotheses and to direct the process of creating business entities based on evolving game-changing scientific outcomes. Furthermore, develop new partnerships and strengthen bilateral collaboration in research and knowledge sharing between industry and academia counterparts, thus facilitating the science commercialization process.

“Data Science for Business” master’s program



We are happy to announce the official start and first workshops by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Ambassadors, who are teaching at the “Data Science for Business” master’s program of Yerevan State University (YSU).

NVIDIA DLI and the “Data Science for Business” master’s program of YSU, in partnership with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) and Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), are inviting to participate in the “Fundamentals of Deep Learning” hands-on online workshops, which will take place on July 6-17 exclusively for verifiable academic students, staff, and researchers. Workshops will be led by the certified NVIDIA DLI Ambassadors in Armenia.


NVIDIA DLI offers hands-on training for developers, data scientists, and researchers looking to solve challenging problems with deep learning and accelerated computing.


About This Workshop:

Workshops will consist of two modules:

  1. Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

This workshop teaches deep learning techniques for a range of computer vision tasks. After an introduction to deep learning, participants will advance to building and deploying deep learning applications for image classification and object detection, modifying their neural networks to improve their accuracy and performance, and implementing the techniques they have learned on a final project. At the end of the workshop, they will have access to additional resources to create new deep learning applications on their own.

      2. Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Multiple Data Types

This workshop uses a series of hands-on exercises to teach deep learning techniques for a range of problems involving multiple data types. After a quick introduction to deep learning, the participants will advance to building deep learning applications for image segmentation, sentence generation, and image and video captioning, while learning relevant computer vision, neural network, and natural language processing concepts. At the end of the workshop, they will be able to assess a broad spectrum of problems where deep learning can be applied.



  • Basic experience using Python and familiarity with matrix operations, functions, variables, etc.
  • English language fluency


The registration deadline is July 3, to apply please visit here.

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