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We're excited to launch the global call for the Science Incubation Program 2024, implemented by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) with support of the PMI Science R&D Center Armenia. The program aims to support research groups, companies, and institutions worldwide in developing disruptive ideas and highly applied research. It fosters collaborations between industry and academia, facilitating the commercialization of science and research output valorization.

In-House Artists - Black Box Hub


Calling Armenia-based visionary artists! Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) is looking for talented in-house artists for its Black Box Hub initiative implemented by Gyumri Technology Center (GTC) and powered by Artbox, Funded by the European Union in Armenia in the framework of the Katapult Creative Accelerator Program. This unique opportunity aims to bring aboard creative minds who will play a key role in shaping our special community. has already more than 50 thousand users

03.09.2015 has already more than 50 thousand users is the largest driving platform which offers its users such necessary services as mobile and online notifications about traffic rule violations, procurement of parking, extensive online auto market where individuals and dealers are selling thousands of new and used vehicles, driving school where one can find driving tests and games, traffic-related laws and regulations, etc.

Since 2015 has moved to Gyumri where the favorable IT environment established in recent years and existence of high qualified professionals provide new and unique opportunities for the company’s progress.

Located in the Gyumri Technology Center, the company mainly improves technological quality of the platform, strengthens new functions and expands the base of the users. The company has 5 workers, 3 of which are from Gyumri.  Levon Yeghiyan, executive director of the company, presented company’s history and future developments. 

- How did you come to the idea to create such a company? am was established in 2012 by young specialists of Microsoft Innovation Center. Always having problems with getting notifications about traffic rule violations and finding various services for their vehicles, the authors of the platform simply decided to create a website where all drivers can register , get notifications about traffic rule violations avoiding accumulation of fines, exchange information, ideas, discuss driving topics. We thought that if we create a websitewhich would help us to solve our problems then it would be equally useful for other people who have vehicles, therefore the project will succeed.

Only three years after the website was launched not only fully achieved its initial goals, but has become the largest and fastest-growing website in Armenia. Already more than fifty thousand drivers are registered in the website and every day hundreds of new ones are registering.

On the initial stage of the establishment the platform was only communication link between drivers. For example, instead of waiting for the driver who closed the entrance of the garage with his car, mobile message can be sent with the number of the car’s license plate and the driver will get your message: “Please park your car in other place”. Of course this mechanism will work if both drivers are registered in

Still this was not enough and was decided to expand our services. Fortunately, both public authorities- traffic police, municipality and private organizations- mobile operators, dealers and others enthusiastically responded to our offer of cooperation, clearly understanding the benefits and convenience of the website in providing information and services to drivers.Today the platform has significantly expanded its services offering such necessary services as mobile and online notifications about traffic rule violations, procurement of parking place, official Carfax system through which those who are going to buy a car can check the history of the car which they are going to buy, extensive online auto market where individuals and dealers are selling thousands of new and used vehicles, driving school where one can find driving tests and games, traffic-related laws and regulations, etc. 

- This year you became one of the winners of Gyumri matching grant competition. What did the competition give you and what future developments are expected in your company?

Winning in the competition has double importance for First this was a great opportunity to make comparison with other leading and competitive startups in Armenia and thus once more confirming our company’s achievements and progress. Second, the grant gives an opportunity for fast and widespread actions which was impossible before that.We have already started work on installation of new and important functions which will not only simplify the usage of the website but also will make our service base more complete.

In the near future our customers will be able to get and pay their property tax online. Currently we are working on expanding our cooperation with Parking City Service Company in order to make it possible for our users to get parking rule violations notifications online and on mobile and pay them in time. Though such notifications are not considered official and do not replace paper notification, but they inform about traffic rule violations and help to avoid accumulation of penalties.Also, completely will change the design of our website, it will be presented to the users in more convenient and organized way.

The grant also gave an opportunity to take actions towards expanding market share by raising both the rates of attracting new subscribers and increasing website use and visit indicators. 

- What do you think do the new established organizations get necessary support in Armenia?

Yes, for sure, especially in IT sector RA Government provides number of tax privileges to the new established organizations, which considerably simplify the organizations’ operation, create additional opportunity to avoid the failure on the initial stage of establishment and support to achieve some stability. 

More than 20 organizations are located and are actively operating in the Gyumri Technology Center.The Gyumri Technology Center has been established by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, the RA Government and the World Bank. The mission of Gyumri Technology Center is to turn Gyumri into a regional and international center of information and high technologies by creating such a developing environment of opportunities and services that will contribute to the creation of new jobs and will support the talented young people and organizations to implement innovative business ideas contributing to the sustainable development of the region.


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